Property Management

"Less risk, hassle free, and Better returns"

Your Trusted Property Management Partner

We believe you should be able to have a passive investment that is truly passive. We give both property owners and professional management teams the opportunity to simplify and reduce risk.

Partnering with us changes the game: 

  • All expenses and maintenance are covered by our team (minus mechanical)
  • Rent is paid on time… every time 
  • We carry insurance & leverage technology to protect your investment

In-house property management

That’s right, we manage your property at no cost to you. This gives you all the perks of being a landlord, only with way less risk and none of typical responsibilities.

Monthly passive income

Key Ventures take away the hassle and the headache. Our dedicated team takes care of everything, creating truly passive income... Rents are Guaranteed!

Zero Management Fees

Did we mention no fees? There are no monthly management costs or fees whatsoever.

Earn More Revenue

Renting to Key Ventures eliminates not only the risk of late or missed payments, but reduces the costs of repairs and move out expenses.

We protect and care for your property in a way that can’t be done by a traditional tenant. Our professional team conducts regular inspections and maintenance. We will provide landscaping and maintain the curb appeal at no additional cost. Plus, our trained housekeepers carry out consistent cleaning (typically weekly).

Our investment in your property not only improves  your monthly return, but protect and enhances the property’s value for the long term.

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