Multi Family

Invest in Multi-Family Properties

Investing in multi-family properties has its benefits and drawbacks. This is where experience pays off in dividends… you need a plan and know how to avoid pit falls. The commercial real estate space is full of complexity and opportunity. Multi-family in particular can be lucrative, but knowing what to buy and how to buy it is just part of the puzzle. 

At Key Ventures typically focus on Value Add and Core property strategies. Combining both of these, we provide investors with the best of both worlds. Low-risk and established properties that provide consistent returns. And assets with bigger upside potential through smart and strategic investments. 

Our multifamily strategy and model provides investors with consistent return and lower risk opportunities that have upside potential with a strategic exit. 

Multi family Strategies

  • Value-Add: This strategy is all about adding value to the property to increase rents and improve cash flow.
  • Opportunistic: This strategy has a ton of upside and significant risk. This approach takes substantial investment to develop assets and are longer term projects with delayed payout.
  • Core: This is the lowest risk strategy and one typically characterized by primary markets, full occupancy, and class A properties. These are bought at a lower CAP rate but have the most predicability.

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